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Illustration by: Shawn Duddridge Design by: Alana McCarthy

Take Me With You

When awkward musical theater nerd, Sam, meets Rose at a party, he’s convinced they belong together. She’s perfect in every way, but he’s constantly worried he’ll lose her. He tries to be a good boyfriend, but he’s always getting things wrong. He could blame his abusive dad or even his best friend for sabotaging his relationship, but deep down he knows the truth: he’s not worthy. After all, he drove his mom away when he was ten.

Alcohol helps Sam cope. It also helps him push everyone away, making him more like his dad than he wants to admit. As Sam navigates his way through damaged friendships and a possible breakup, his past haunts him, forcing him to come to terms with truths he’s not ready to face.

Illustration by: Shawn Duddridge Design by: Alana McCarthy

Some secrets should never be kept

CJ Witmore seems to have the perfect life, but being the son of a Hollywood star means keeping a dark family secret. Despite constant pleas from his girlfriend, CJ refuses to share that part of his life, fearful that if she learns the truth, his whole world will crumble.

Enter Emily, a girl CJ meets at the worst possible time, as he’s being triggered by an upsetting phone call. Although CJ’s first interaction with Emily is a disaster, he finds her intriguing. Hell, he may even like her, but he’s soon forced to ask himself: Who is Emily? What is she hiding? It seems Emily has secrets of her own.

When CJ learns the details of his Dad’s impending marriage, he’s no longer able to think of just himself. CJ must do whatever it takes to protect a boy he barely knows, even if it means putting himself at risk. He’s forced to face his past and decide once and for all if his secrets are everyone’s business or nobody’s business.

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